Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bloody Prostesters Incidents in Libya

MB Statement on Bloody Prostesters Incidents in Libya 
Wednesday, February 23,2011 06:15 

The Muslim Brotherhood is delighted with the triumph of the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples in their battle to restore freedom, honor and dignity, and at the same time their hearts are bleeding and they are angered by the barbaric and inhumane crack downs on people's peaceful demonstrations by the state police in Libya as the people are demanding to have the right of self-determination, live a decent life and change Gaddafi's dictatorial regime that has been ruling for 42 years.
This hideous totalitarian regime whose code of ethics is built around cruelty, power, and lying, has ordered its troops to kill people in the streets by using live ammunition and heavy military equipment such as anti-tank missiles. Qaddafi's regime has succeeded in 40 years to silence any voices that may dare criticize him and his policies, as well as any voices calling for a real country of institutions rather than the dictatorial forms Qaddafi invented.
His silencing policy followed all available paths and forms, starting with legal pursuit, through imprisonment and torture, and reaching the point of assassinations till people are not safe from each other. He was helped by Libya's huge oil revenues which he treated as his own wealth and granted himself many titles such as dean of the Arab leaders, king of Africa's kings and Imam of the Muslims.
This totalitarian system turned Libya into the abyss of underdevelopment and corruption. Qaddafi's first step was to tighten his grip on the state and undermine democracy and freedom but today people dusted off their fear and showed false slogans of misleading the Revolutionary Leadership Council.

Libyans took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations faced by the use of excessive force, as he wanted to take the people's focus away from his dictatorship and exterminate them so that the idol remains in power.
The Libyan regime's attempt to block out media, tighten its grip on SMS messages and Internet browsing, and prevent journalists from airing his use of military aircraft against the protestors must be exposed as was did with his predecessors in Tunisia and Egypt.
The Brothers emphasize that rivers of blood flow in Libyan streets and the life of those who are murdered in the Way of Allâh will be a curse on the regime and its helpers. O heroes of Libya's uprising! Continue to make sacrifices to get ride of injustice and tyranny.
The MB calls upon the League of Arab States, the United Nations, Al-Azhar, the Organization of Islamic Conference, the Federation of Muslim Scholars, world's parliaments, human rights organizations, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent and the world's free people to quickly intervene to stop Gaddafi's atrocities and heinous crimes committed in Libya.

Comment: Oh Allah grant success to the Libyan people protesting for the their basic right and let Gaddafi step down as soon as possible.

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