Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bersih 3.0: Peace and Justice

As seen in the first picture, water cannons & tear gas were fired by the police, sending the crowd stampeding down Jalan Raja Laut. Eye stinging tear gas hung heavily in the air, burning throat & lungs but one lone teenage girl stood her ground in the midst of chaos. She turned back and marched up to the FRU and held high a placard that said it was her 18th birthday. Her birthday wish is for peace and justice.

Her courage is so symbolic of the sentiment of the Malaysian youth today. What do we want? FAIR GOVERNANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY... is that not the basis of democracy? Didn't our PM exhort Malaysia to be an example of 'best democracy' to the world? Don't make a fool of yourself, Mr. PM.

Malaysian youth are not unruly rowdy louts as portrayed in the censored mainstream media. Nor are they rioting and damaging property as claimed by DPM Muhyddin. I bear testimony as I was there. Is it really necessary for the PM to order armed forces to fire at unarmed civillians at a peaceful sit-in? These are the very citizens who voted this ruling party into government. Now they use that very power given to them to shoot at civilians, injuring the young and the elderly. It's not right.

We need to be able to trust the people we vote into positions of power to lead our country.

The Bersih peaceful rally is simply Malaysians asking to be heard. Just listen to your people. It is never our agenda to fight the police. And in a democratic country the police is to serve and protect the people.

Malaysians, don't let the girl stand alone. Let us work together, hand in hand, towards peace & justice. Let us make her birthday wish, our collective wish for Malaysia, come true. 

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