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Fatwa committee repeats Mubarak-era decree forbidding demonstration

Fatwa committee repeats Mubarak-era decree forbidding demonstration

Harakahdaily,06 May 2012
May 6: In remarks reminiscent of the days leading to the resignation of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak on February 11 last year, the head of the National Fatwa Committee was today quoted as saying that it is haram (forbidden) for Muslims to participate in any gathering or demonstration which is against the law.

Abdul Shukor Husin (pic), in a statement carried by MCA-controlled The Star, in accusing participants of last week's Bersih 3.0 rally of "rioting", said the committee viewed seriously the issue and went on to condemn any demonstration against the government.

"This also applies to any intention to topple a duly elected government by organising such demonstrations.

"No one is exempted, and no one should support any efforts that can cause harm, anxiety or unrest among Muslims to the point of the community becoming split, what more if there is bloodshed," Shukor told reporters after attending the Fatwa committee's meeting today. here Sunday.

He also called on Muslims who participated in such demonstrations to repent because "Islam never called on its followers to resort to any action that could threaten people's lives just to pursue a specific agenda".

Praising the country's democracy, he called on "more useful discussion channels" to be utilised.

Flashback Egypt 2011

Shukor's statement today brings to mind a remark made by Egypt's government-funded Islamic authorities in January last year, just days before continuous protests in several cities in Egypt forced Mubarak to quit office, paving the way for elections and the North African state's painful transformation from a military regime to a civilian government.

Saeed Amer, head of the Fatwa Committee at Al Azhar, in his statement accusing protesters at Tahrir Square of committing acts of violence, had declared on January 31, 2011 that protesting was forbidden in Islam.

“As for peaceful demonstrations it is rejected in Islam as Islam never witnessed such phenomena,” he told the Arabic-language al-Shourok newspaper.

Mubarak announced his resignation ten days later. Most Egyptians had ignored fatwas by scholars at Al Azhar, an institution which over the years saw growing subjugation under the Mubarak regime.

When asked about what he thought about the deaths caused by state security violence, Amer reportedly said that if the police was defending the country, "then it is okay and those who die will be judged by God".

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