Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Justice and Freedom for Osama bin Laden

Monday, May 9,2011 15:34 

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the assassination of Osama bin Laden stressing that every person who is accused of a crime has the right to be put on trial. 

The MB is the best organized and most influential opposition group in Egypt and has a legacy of decades of social service and advocacy for the Egyptian people. Maintaining a tolerant and ethical stance on political issues, the MB has successfully merged Islamic principles into modern day politics and was a significant support throughout the January 25 Revolution. The MB has reiterated, before and after the demise of Bin Laden, that Al-Qaeda does not represent Islam. 

The Brotherhood was repressed under the Mubarak regime for decades and has now emerged as a significant political force, ready to participate in parliamentary elections later this year. In the wake of the revolution, the MB has called for national unity, urging the end to sedition and acting as a unifying force between Egypt 's Muslims and Christians. Calling for justice and the will of the people, the Brotherhood maintains the rights of all citizens to stand equal before the law and likewise calls for national autonomy and sovereign rights. Basing its stances of Islamic ethics, the MB does not support the role of international forces overtly assassinating any person without trial.

The MB believes in democracy based on Islamic reference, rejects violence and terrorism, and calls for the Western world to stop linking Islam with terrorism and to correct the erroneous image that has been intentionally promoted for a long time, especially after the 9/11 attacks.

The Brotherhood sees that problems in the Middle East are best solved by the citizens of that region and that the US should not interfere in their internal affairs. 


MB: By Protecting Revolution, Egypt will Progress 
Monday, May 9,2011 15:19 

Speaking to Muslim Brotherhood members in North Cairo deputy chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Khairat el Shater outlined the group’s approach concerning Egypt’s future and its progress.

According to el Shater it was clear that there was much work ahead for Egypt to restore its glory however with optimism and goodwill all obstacles will be overcome. He reminded the audience that the problems which the group faced by the former regime should no longer exist hence decisions will be made differently.

He called on all to participate in the advancement of Egypt adding he had confidence that the Egyptian people in general and the MB in particular are interested in doing what is right to protect the country. Outlining tasks el Shater, noted that following the revolution emphasis should be made on what he described as working on the renaissance of Egypt as a civil state based on Islamic references, business growth and development and the increased progress of the MB on all levels.

“Together”, he said “Now that the former regime has been toppled we have a responsibility to enlist our values in the effort to secure Egypt for all Egyptians regardless of religion and to leave behind the legacy that makes it easier for future generations”.

Referring to the Imbaba Church attacks he stated that there is no question that the only guarantee to get out of the economic crisis, political deadlock and sectarian tension caused by what he believed were remnants of the former regime; is to remain vigilant and stand in the face of it and not be led by these attempts to create chaos and strife.

Regarding rumors circulated concerning inner tension between the leaders and the younger generation el Shater explained that these were untrue and that the leaders welcomed dialogue and that in fact numerous meetings have been held with the youths. He cited that the leaders were open to proposals by the group’s youths reminding the audience that any developmental project was not an overnight affair and that realistically speaking changes would need for at least 4-6 months before they are noticed.

He slammed reports and stories spread by the media which aimed at distorting the group’s image but ascertained the group was able to overcome such gossip. He stated that while the MB is going through a transformation phase the group’s decisions although may vary in consensus will respect that of the leader following their democratic Shura Councils.

With regard to the newly established Freedom and Justice party he confirmed that the party will be independent from the MB concentrating on politics but will coordinate with it. He added that it is not a religious or theocratic party, but rather a civil party with an Islamic background that adheres to the constitution.

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