Monday, March 21, 2011

EGYPTIANS to Protect Its Revolution

MB Chairman Calls on Nation to Protect Its Revolution 
Sunday, March 13,2011

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood has called on the people to protect the revolution that succeeded in ousting Mubarak and his corrupt regime that had been in power for 30 years. Badie stated that the revolution had begun to provide witnessed results and Egypt’s citizens should not provide the opportunity for opportunist groups to undermine this achievement.

The chairman called on the significance of honoring the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and died protecting their cause by continuing their peaceful struggle for their demands.

During his statement, Badie asserted that the MB, since its establishment, has suffered oppression and much injustice despite being the most popular opposition group in Egypt. He called on the youth responsible for the success of the revolution to stand fast, adding that the MB were part of the people working for the good of the people of Egypt and will continue to stand as one; hand in hand.

Badie highlighted that the MB were committed to work for the good of the people and will continue to do so, stressing that unity was important. He confirmed that the group is not looking for power nor is it intending to field candidates; adding that leadership is not its priority, however, Egypt’s wellbeing is.

He ended his statement commending efforts made by Egyptians, in particular the youth, who aimed at spreading order and called on citizens to continue in their united front and to ignore evil attempts to cause strife and sedition between the people indicating that Egypt belongs to all its citizens and that the MB promotes the principle of Islam which advocates peace, tolerance and unity regardless of religion, colour, sex and creed.

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