Friday, March 04, 2011

Mubarak may be sent to prison if corruption charges stand true

Thursday, March 3,2011 23:14 

Sources close to the office of the top Prosecutor General have confirmed that the deposed Mubarak is expected to be questioned in connection with a host of charges including corruption.
According to reports a statement will be released by the Prosecutor General in the coming hours. The source stated that the prosecutor general is seriously looking into the charges highlighting that the ousted ex-president no longer enjoys immunity. The dictator tyrant may well be referred for trial and if convicted, will be sent to prison.

Ulasan: Selamat menjawab soalan-soalan di mahkamah kerana sekarang Mubarak tidak lagi kebal. Juga untuk kita semua selamat menjawab soalan-soalan di dalam kubur nanti. Amalan kita di dunia akan menjawabnya.

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