Friday, August 06, 2010

Why US is silent on Israel terrorism?

Really Israel has now defeated any terrorists in history by attacking the ships providing help to poor Palestinians. Why US is silent on them while they send forces to any country who does even 1% of such terrorism?. Is it not the reason for creation of terrorism by youths who work for justice?.

Best Answer -

Dear, its b'coz the USA is governed by Israels and Jewish. Their lobby mostly contains of Jewish leaders who control the world.. its not America who is controlling, its Israel.. that's a fact. Y/A Fan

Asker's Comment:
Yes, it is a fact that most of Secretaries in US are either Jews or Pro Jews and that is the main reason why US is anti Islamic and Pro Israel, whatever damages and injustice the Israel may cause to innocent. This is the main reason for growing terrorism in the world which all American is to note.

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