Tuesday, June 01, 2010

After Israeli Attack on Freedom Flotilla: We are all Palestians now

At the Barzilai medical centre in Ashkelon, just north of the Gaza Strip, a Greek man in a neck brace told reporters: "They hit me." Who? "Pirates," he answered.

A dazed man with a striking black eye was unloaded from an ambulance. There had been "some brutality" on board, he said, but the activists were non-violent. "We are all Palestinian now," he said as the doors of the ER (Emergecy Room) closed behind him.

Source: Israeli publicity machine cranks into gear over raid on Mavi Marmara by Harriet Sherwood in Ashdod, Israel. 
guardian.co.uk, Monday 31 May 2010 19.57 BST

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