Friday, June 04, 2010

Evidence belies Israeli claim

By Ayman Mohyeldin on June 1st, 2010

They were called "terrorists and al-Qaeda sympathisers"... they were "armed and had planned a premeditated attack"... and finally hours after waiting in the sun to see the evidence, Israel said it would take the media inside the Ashdod port and let us see the cargo carried aboard the Freedom Flotilla...

These are some of the images (captured with my cell phone) of what I saw... children toys, medicines, text books, wheel chairs and much more... not exactly a list of contraband posing a risk to Israel's security as it has claimed, is it? 

But the biggest irony in this tragedy is not just that the "weapons" Israel claims were on board have not yet materialised or been shown to the media, its that the aid, which Israel says Gaza does not need, and the aid which was on board the flotilla heading to Gaza and prevented by Israel from reaching its shores is now being delivered to Gaza by Israel as quickly as possible.

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