Thursday, June 03, 2010

Potato Peelers Justify the Flotilla Massacre

Each time Israeli officials and spokespersons open their mouths they spread lies, hate and crimes. Shameful are those pictures of kitchen and maintenance tools shown by the representatives of minister of war Ehud Barak and his spokespersons as “weapons” which according to them justify the killing of nine civilians, injuring dozens, and arresting all the peace activists on the humanitarian Flotilla ships. According to my information, Israel intended to accuse a number of the detainees of committing terror attacks against the IDF commandos and planning to kill them and possession weapons (the kitchen tools) and cooperating with Israeli enemies (Hamas), spying against Israel and entering the territory of Israel illegally. These serious accusations could be lead to the sentencing of these innocent prisoners to life or at least ten years in jail.

The government press office and the Israeli military spokespersons have distributed to the media some pictures of kitchen knives, (fruits and vegetables knives and potato peelers, CDs, Palestinian shall “kofoia”), screwdrivers and maintenance tools useful for repairing the ship which were found in the kitchen of the ship and probably the maintenance department, what could be considered normal utensils to be present on a ship by any person with a sane mind). All the Israeli newspapers, including Ha’aretz and some international media lead by their sick minded zionist owners, have published the pictures of those knives, potato peeler, screwdrivers and other tools as a justification for the horrific massacre against civilians on the humanitarian Flotilla ships.

What the Zionists newspapers and the pro-Israeli media forgot to write and to clarify is that those tools (kitchen- and maintenance tools) were found in boxes after the bloody massacre, after the murder and injury of the passengers of the ship. These words, “found inside a box” mentioned in the IDF press statement, mean that the tools were not used by the passengers on board of the ship.

Anyone who saw the pictures of vegetables and fruit knives, published in Israeli newspapers in the context of Israeli propaganda justifying the Flotilla massacre, realized that the Ehud Bark and his military spokespersons are insane, obvious psychopath, suffering from dementia, a feeble mind, and would better be turned over to an appropriate institution of mental health, in the interest of their own security and also the security of those around them.

In my small kitchen there are more knives than what the IDF found on the Marmara

In my own small kitchen, I have more knives, screwdrivers and maintenance tools than what Ehud Barak and the IDF spokespersons showed in their fabricated photos. What the IDF says they found on the ship must be far less than what would really be on a passenger ship, than what a kitchen of a ships carries on board. Besides that, we must take in our consideration that the ships belong to normal people and the passengers on board are all educated people, artists, journalists, human rights defenders etc. … from different countries where the laws allow the ships and the passengers to carry knives and maintenance tools, where, contrary to the paranoid Israel, people actually use knives in their kitchens. European countries allow their citizen to carry pocket knives, pepper spray when walking the streets. This is the kind of self-defense which is allowed in democratic and civilized countries, but such “weapons could not be shown by the IDF. I never leave home without my small read knife (which is not considered a weapon), even when I take part in press conferences with officials.

In the so-called state of Israel (actually it is a Zionist terror organization), the death squad commando units claimed that they were attacked during their “human mission of landing and shooting live bullets on the passengers of the humanitarian Flotilla” who were allegedly defending themselves with tools and potato peelers and other kitchen tools, which allegedly caused injuries to the “innocent death squad commandos”. The liers did not say that their soldiers were injured by the friendly fire.

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