Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Al-Nahda claims victory in Tunisia poll

Moderate Islamist party says it has won more than 40 per cent of seats as PDP concedes it will be in opposition. 
24 Oct 2011 22:25

The moderate Islamist party al-Nahda has claimed that it has won more than 40 per cent of seats in Tunisia's 217-member consitutent assembly, following the country's historic election.

"The first confirmed results show that al-Nahda has obtained first place nationally and in most districts," Abelhamid Jlassi, the party's campaign manager, said at a news conference citing its own election monitors' reports.

The party's claim that it won 90 seats came ahead of an announcement by ISIE, the country's independent election commission, of the provisional results for overseas seats…

Comment: For the good of every Tunisian, please pray for the success of Al-Nahda, the Islamic party.

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