Friday, January 07, 2011

60 people plan suicide every day?

At least 60 people plan suicide every da

COUNSELLING centres in the country receive more than 60 calls each day from people contemplating suicide, according to China Press.

In a front-page special report, the paper said the number reveals that many people are being subjected to problems related to finance, marriage and family.

The daily quoted the latest statistics as showing that 10 to 13 in every 100,000 Malaysians commit suicide, with the majority being youngsters.

Clinical psychologist and counsellor Alex Ng Wei Siong told the daily some people chose suicide as a way out of their problems while some became struck with mental illness.

Befrienders, a non-profit organisation offering emotional support through the phone, e-mail and letters to the depressed and those with suicidal tendencies, said they receive 190,000 calls a year from people seeking help.

A Befrienders volunteer said callers showed two types of emotions – extremely calm or very emotional. He said volunters had to be patient and to keep a cool head when facing or talking to someone who is emotional on the phone.

“Volunteers have to be willing to listen to the callers to to help them get rid of suicidal thoughts,” he said…

Ulasan: Ini akan terjadi apabila manusia seolah-maju tanpa agama. Kita hanya mangsa kepada kemajuan negara.

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