Monday, May 17, 2010

Najib in Sibu sounds just like a cop/official trying to solicit a bribe

Truly, sometimes it feels like money is the only language that Najib speaks.

Worse yet, it feels like money is the only language Najib wants Malaysians to speak:

At the gathering attended by some 1,000 local Chinese school teachers Najib also presented financial allocations of RM15 million for 65 Chinese schools in the district and RM3 million for two mission schools.

The RM15 million includes an allocation of RM5 million to five independent Chinese secondary schools in Sibu.

The remaining RM10 million was allocated for the 60 government-aided Sibu Chinese primary schools.

“But please. We help you, you help us,” he said.

I will deliver what you want, you must deliver what I want and you know what I want,” said Najib.

Eeyerrr!! WTF? Is it just me, or does he sound like a cop trying to solicit a bribe?

It’s really disgusting, the way Najib tries to sully and buy everything democratic with dirty money, right back from the Perak days onwards it’s been a ruthless onslaught.

When it comes to really spend time with the rakyat and pay his respects to other cultures, he suddenly only has 3 minutes :P

Malaysians deserve better than this. They ARE better than this.

I hope the good people of Sibu will send the signal that they cannot be bought.

That the millions Najib throws around to cover his misdeeds belong to the rakyat anyway, and should be given back to them regardless of who is in power, or who wins elections.

No more money politics!

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