Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IRELAND thanked Ottoman Caliphate for humanitarian aid 160 years ago

IRELAND thanked Ottoman Caliphate for humanitarian aid provided them 160 years ago
Publication time: 26 March 2010, 19:08 

President of Ireland, Mary McAleese expressed gratitude to Turkish people for humanitarian aid provided by Ottomans 160 years ago. 

"Islam News" quotes the Turkish paper "Ikinci Vatan" which reports that McAleese on her official visit to Turkish Republic during the meeting with Turkish president Abdullah Gul, has expressed the words of gratitude from the people of Ireland for humanitarian aid provided by Ottoman Caliphate. 

We would remind you, that the Ottoman Caliph Abdulmecit at the time of famine in Ireland (1840-1850), which was caused by colonial policy of Great Britain, had sent 5 commercial ships loaded with medicine and goods to the disaster area. 

It should be noted that the help was offered solely on the ground of charity to the Irishmen, considering that there was no request for help made from the British Empire who at that time ruled the whole Ireland. During that period of time more than a million people have died out of hunger, and millions became refugees, who were forced to escape to the US and also to other countries, where Irishmen initially occupied the bottom layers of society. 

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Comment: Praise be to Allah for enabling them to help other human beings.

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