Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pentagon's chief: Impossible to defeat Taliban at this stage

Pentagon's chief admits that it is impossible to defeat Taliban at this stage
Publication time: 25 March 2010, 16:53 

The US powerful military pressure is yet to weaken the Taliban. It is impossible to disarm them at this stage, the Pentagon chief Robert Gates admitted a day before. 

Speaking before the members of congress, he noted that Washington's efforts in Afghanistan are not good enough to "to convince Taliban leaders that they are in fact going to lose the war". 

"And when they begin to have doubts if they could win they may be willing to make a deal. I don't think we're there yet", Al-Jazeera quoted Gates. 
Admiral Mike Mullen, who as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the top U.S. military officer, cautioned against over-optimism created by reconciliation talks in congressional testimony on Wednesday. He said the US war effort was not "going to end rapidly." 

"I worry about the sort of hope that is created immediately when you see a little light here that this is going to end rapidly," Mullen told the U.S. lawmakers. 

"I just don't see that. This is a tough, a very tough part of the process."  

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